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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Arvind KangArvind Kang
Passed 1st time
I thought Manjit was a very good instructor. He got a good understanding of my driving ability very quickly and was able to identify areas in which I was weak in and suggest improvements. I also liked how I wasn't taught just how to pass the test but also how to be a better driver. There were times where I lacked confidence on the road but Manjit helped to reassure me and gave me more confidence. I would recommend Manjit to any learner driver looking to build confidence and pass the test. The LDC system was useful, even if I didn't engage fully with it at the start. The book and dvd helped to maintain my driving knowledge between lessons. I liked how the book would follow the lessons I had with my instructor and it would give me knowledge I could use in my next one.