Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Bhavesh Mukundbhai KapadiaBhavesh Mukundbhai Kapadia
Passed first time
I had an outstanding experience with Manjit Gosal as my driving instructor. Due to his dedication and effort I passed my driving test on first attempt. His teaching methods were clear, patient, and highly effective. He provided detailed explanation and practical demonstration that made even the most complex manoeuvres easy to understand and execute. Manjit Gosal was always punctual, professional, and encouraging, creating a supportive learning environment that boosted my confidence behind the wheel. His thorough knowledge of driving regulations and road safety was evident in every lesson, ensuring I was well-prepared for my driving test. I highly recommend Manjit Gosal to anyone seeking a top-notch driving education. Thank you ☺️

Nihal Singh SagooNihal Singh Sagoo
Passed 1st time
I passed on my first attempt thanks to Manjit Gosal. His exceptional training and patience helped me to become a more confident and safer driver. He would focus on my mistakes and weaknesses which allowed me to improve quickly. Thanks to him I was able to pass after only few hours of lessons. I would highly recommend Manjit as an instructor for new learners.

David StewartDavid Stewart
I passed on my first attempt
I passed on my first attempt thanks to Manjit Gosal. I was incredibly lucky to have Manjt as my instructor; his patience, good humour and expertise allowed me to quickly develop my driving skills in a friendly environment. His attention to detail and exacting standards were instrumental in instilling a high level of confidence prior to my test date. It is thanks to his excellent tuition that I was able to pass after 30 hours of learning. I would highly recommend him as an instructor for future learners.

Mr Tauseef AkhtarMr Tauseef Akhtar
Passed on 1st attempt
I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional training provided by Manjit Gosal. His expertise and patient teaching style were instrumental in helping me pass my driving test. Manjit's attention to detail and focus on developing practical skills instilled confidence in me as a new driver. I highly recommend Manjit Gosal to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive driving instructor.

Mrs Nosheen SayyadMrs Nosheen Sayyad
Passed driving test on 1st attempt
I am very pleased with Manjit's teaching. He is a good instructor. I passed first time is a testimony in itself that he taught me well. He prepared me for life. I will never forget the things he taught me to be safe on road. I recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone who needs to learn and pass their driving test.

Mrs Ramandeep KaurMrs Ramandeep Kaur
I Passed 1st time
I was not a very confident person. Manjit encouraged me throughout my lessons, this built my confidence gradually. I became a confident driver from a nervous one. Manjit's teaching style was getting me to tell him what I wanted to learn. I found it a bit strange in the beginning but as the lessons went on this strategy forced me to think about my weaknesses and long behold, gave me confidence in my learning by forcing me to think what I want to do and how I would achieve my goals. Manjit is a very good instructor and I greatly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Passed driving test on 1st attempt
I recommend Manjit to all new learners. I started from not knowing anything to drive, to passing my test first time and the credit goes to Manjit. He has been extremely patient with me. He never turned his eye away from me while teaching me. I liked his style because he never let me make any mistakes and then repeatedly make me do things until I got it right. I never found my lessons boring as he always kept my interest high by encouraging me and giving me confidence that I can do it even when I felt like I could not do the task. He always assured me that he will not let his guard down and was quick to help me when I was about to make mistake. He gave good explanations and ensured that i understood it fully. In my opinion i could not have had a better driving instructor than Manjit.

Mr John Jabanesan ThangayianMr John Jabanesan Thangayian
I Passed 1st time
Manjit is very knowledgeable and is very good at instilling confidence in his pupils. He is very patient and to the point. He has worked around my learning requirements and given me lessons that focussed on my learning objectives. He has helped me pass first time with minimum lessons with his expertise and honest approach. He has taught me to drive safely for life. He is very gentle and polite but extremely disciplined in executing tasks. I recommend him to anyone who is willing to learn to drive and pass their driving test first time.

Arvind KangArvind Kang
Passed 1st time
I thought Manjit was a very good instructor. He got a good understanding of my driving ability very quickly and was able to identify areas in which I was weak in and suggest improvements. I also liked how I wasn't taught just how to pass the test but also how to be a better driver. There were times where I lacked confidence on the road but Manjit helped to reassure me and gave me more confidence. I would recommend Manjit to any learner driver looking to build confidence and pass the test. The LDC system was useful, even if I didn't engage fully with it at the start. The book and dvd helped to maintain my driving knowledge between lessons. I liked how the book would follow the lessons I had with my instructor and it would give me knowledge I could use in my next one.